<a href=https://tamoxifenolvadex.com/>magnesium and tamoxifen interaction</a> Hi my name is mpho, I just got maried last month, I have 25 day cycle I was expecting my periods on the 30th Nov, then I started having cramps like PMS but never came, on the 4th december around 3am I went to the bathroom to pee den I saw a drop of light blood, that was that I thought my periods its starting then I worn my pad, when I wake up in the morning it was dry I was 4 days late, the following day I had a light blood again around 5am and same thing happen but wen I went to pee when I wipe I see litle pink blood just for a few hours, on saturday I had a lot of brownwish discharge then it end up there, today I am 13 days late my boobs sore a bit more expecial during at night, and I feel like vomiting at night its been 3 days having that symptoms of nauses, my husband says I have been talking while I m sleeping.